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Lymphatic Cellulite Drainage Massage

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Lymphatic cellulite drainage mass does a lot more than giving a strong feeling of relaxation. It gives your body unlimited benefits that range from the improvement in your acne and cellulite appearances to filter out your toxins.

Suppose you are confused about whether to try this treatment or not. Let me give you some reasons and benefits you can have with this massage.

Lymphatic cellulite drainage massage is gaining popularity these days as more and more people are becoming health and skin conscious.

Here is the complete detail about the lymphatic drainage massage and what benefits you can expect after the massage. Here is complete information about lymphatic drainage massage and what you can expect from it.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic drainage massage provides your body's interstitial fluid the manual stimulation to return the excessive fluid and waste back to the blood so that the organs can process it. To improve your system's functions, lymphatic drainage has special gentle and stretchy movements of the skin to encourage the opening and closing of lymph vessels.

Estrid Vodder and Danish Drs. Vodder was the first to discover lymphatic drainage in the 1930s to treat bronchial and sinus conditions. People are now using this massage to get many benefits as it is not limited to these ailments.

Lymphatic vessels are present all around our body, about 2 mm under your skin surface. That means you can use this massage technique anywhere on your whole body, even on the roof of the mouth.

Ways Lymphatic Drainage Massage Helps your Body.

The main function of the body's lymphatic system has three main benefits: Firstly, to balance the number of floods in your body, circulation of your immune cells around the body, and the best one is the filtering of pathogens and debris out of your body that results from the trauma.

A lymphatic drainage cellulite massage helps in the stimulation of all the functions that result in the reduction of puffiness and fluid retention, benefits the appearance of your skin by improving tan, detoxification, and boosts your immunity.

Does Lymphatic Drainage Massage Reduce your Cellulite and Improve Acne?

Lymphatic drainage cellulite massage is beneficial in improving the appearance of cellulite. This massage works best in cellulite as it first breaks it, and then it helps in clearing them away permanently.

The lymphatic cellulite drainage massage benefits your whole body's skin and helps you eliminate skin acne and cellulite. The best part of this massage is that you can do it anywhere, including your face and mouth. It would be best to have multiple massage sessions in the beginning and practice self-drainage at home. There are special protocols for acne treatments that give flawless skin with potential energy after certain sessions. At first, you might feel a little flare in your skin, but after a few sessions, maybe 2 or 3, things start to settle down, and you will feel an improvement in your acne-prone skin.

Who can facilitate themselves from the Lymphatic Cellulite Drainage Massage?

The lymphatic cellulite drainage massage works wonders for everyone who wants to be more fit and energetic in life. But the massage is exceptionally beneficial for persons, particularly with fluid conditions, headaches, lymphoedema, lipoedema, or sinus issues, etc. Besides, those having auto-immune conditions or persons undergoing detox regimens can also go with this massage. In fact, the lymphatic cellulite drainage massage also speeds up the healing process after cosmetic surgery.

Here are some of the instant effects that you will feel even after the first session.

  • Relaxed muscles and fewer aches.

  • Reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

  • Reduction of swelling and stiffness in the limbs.

  • Removal of toxins, though this needs more research.

  • Toned and firm skin.

  • Stronger immune system due to lymph moving properly.

Who needs to refrain from the lymphatic drainage massage?

A good lymphatic cellulite drainage massage is exceptionally miraculous for the ones with worse cellulite conditions. But obviously, it's not a "fit for all" massage as there are some conditions in which you should give up this idea. These may be:

  • Persons with cardiac or renal insufficiency

  • Active or untreated cancer

  • Active deep vein thrombosis

  • Post radical abdominal surgery

Does the Lymphatic Drainage Massage have Instant Results?

The results of lymphatic drainage massage totally depend upon the area of the body under treatment. Besides, the massage's instant results also depend upon the approximate duration from which the situation is present. If we talk about the results, you do notice an instant effect even after a single session. But to attain the maximum benefits, you need to have frequent sessions, i.e., at least once a week.

More importantly, the frequency of the sessions varies from client to client and depends upon the condition. For instance, when opting for detox purposes, the sessions should be held weekly. The case is different for acne, which may initially involve multiple visits per week and gradually tapering off to once a month.

Lymphatic Drainage for Cellulite: After Treatment

Once you have your massage done, you will definitely experience light and healthy feel.

The lymph accumulates in the tissues, so lymphatic drainage targets the swollen and blocked sites. This, in turn, gives a light and cheery sensation to the client.

For better results and to facilitate the lymphatic drainage of the body, here are some recommendations

  • Proper hydration

  • Balanced diet

  • Practicing regular physical activity

Recommended activities:

  • Walking or jogging at a steady pace

  • Swimming

  • Some other fitness activities

  • is more preferably in water

Though cellulite is difficult to eliminate, proper efforts can help alleviate the condition. There are plenty of treatment options available that are good to go with, of course, lymphatic drainage for cellulite being one of them.

As Arya Massage and Spa, we are offering our specialized services to our clients all around metro manila with the mission to provide you with the best experience available.

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