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The Best Massage And Spa Services In Manila—Now At Your DoorStep!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

In this day and age, everything is brought to your door; even the most basic aesthetic treatments are now available at the press of a button. The whole setting of salon at home services persuades us that home-based salon services are, without question, the most satisfactory option for folks in need.

Many websites and mobile apps connect customers with beauty experts. Arya Massage & Spa is at the forefront of this, and it takes pleasure in providing customized services.

Arya Massage & Spa offers a wide range of home massage and spa services in Manila, including nail spa, waxing, threading, and lash extensions.

Ready to know more about home massage & spa services? Let's jump in!

You Set the Time

One of the most admirable aspects of using a mobile salon is that you may schedule the service whenever you want. Perhaps your workload has increased, and you no longer have as much spare time. Or maybe you want a precise timetable, so everyone at home which requires salon services can get them.

In this situation, you must schedule a mobile massager, stylist, or nail technician for a specified day and time. You then choose the hair, spa, or salon service you desire on that particular day. Following that, the qualified salon expert will arrive at your door on the scheduled day and time.

You Choose the Venue

Do you want to have your massage done in your bedroom? Or maybe you want your nails done on your terrace. There's no need to worry: the home-based salon will go to your preferred spot, wherever that may be. We can bring massage bed at affordable fee.

You Get the Unparalleled Comfort

Services like Arya's Massage and Spa offers at-home beautifying and grooming services that enable clients to watch their favorite TV show while having their nails done! Furthermore, having your hair done by a competent hair stylist in a familiar setting has a calming impact on the mind. Being in control of your surroundings is critical, and nothing beats the comfort of getting spa services done under your own roof!

TLC after treatment

Suppose you visit a salon for treatments such as waxing, massages, and body scrubs. In that case, you are left slightly sticky. The tricky part is getting all the way home and showering to feel normal again. When booking Arya's services, you won't have to worry about this. You may jump right into the shower as soon as the beautician leaves your place.

Services That We Provide

We have you covered for a perfect massage, manicure and pedicure for yourself, and body waxing for smooth skin. Here are some of Arya's services you may get without leaving your house:

  • Massage

Arya provides full-body massage services right at your door. We have the most incredible massage therapist team that understands which pressure points to push to relieve tension and allow you to feel at ease in your skin. We have specialized and premium services. Check out our packages.

  • Waxing

Get rid of the annoying ingrown hairs on your body, legs, or arms with our natural and chemical-free waxing technique that is safe for people with sensitive skin.

  • Hands and Feet Treatments

Arya provides various manicure and pedicure services that you may use to beautify your hands and feet in the comfort of your home. Our Mani & Pedi treatment is specifically developed to address and treat many foot and nail issues.

  • Nail Treatments

Arya provides all types of nail services at your home with simply a phone call.

  • Lash Services

We have skilled beauticians who will provide lash lift, lash tint, and lash extension services.

  • Body Scrub

When your skin looks and feels amazing, your confidence skyrockets. Pamper your skin with our body scrub, which will give you a fresh appearance and help eliminate dullness.

Book Your Spa Session with Arya Now!

With a team of fully vaccinated employees (who are subjected to regular testing), you can relax and enjoy a pampering session at home. Arya Massage & Spa now serves locations in Metro Manila and neighboring areas like Antipolo and Cainta. You can book and learn more about them on their website.

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