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COMBINATION MASSAGE -- Two is better than one!

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

A Combination Massage gives the ideal comprehensive experience as it is customized for each customer as they present for their appointment – how they feel, what issues they may have, or what they wish to accomplish in the longer term.

Combination or Custom massages may join an assortment of modalities to end up at a completely individualized treatment to every customer and reflects the uniqueness of each therapist. This massage can be a combination of any two of the following:

  • Swedish massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Reflexology

  • Sports massage

These combinations are utilized to tailor the massage towards your own inclinations and explicit necessities.

What to Expect During A Combination Massage Session?

The blend of procedures ought to soothe stress and strain in your body and give relief from discomfort if required. The specialist will probably ask you what parts of the body you'd prefer to focus on, or you can also choose an overall body massage.

Who Can Benefit from A Combination Massage?

Anyone can get a combination massage to relax and instant relief from pain. If you are new to getting a massage and are curious about any sort of massage, then combination massage may be the right one to get going with, as it could assist you with finding your preference of massage in your first session itself.

The Benefits of Combination Massage

Increases Circulation. A Swedish massage combined with a hot stone may increase circulation and metabolism quicker than using only one style.

Enjoy Multiple Modalities. A combination massage permits you to appreciate various modalities at once, and it can help you find your favorite massage methodology in one session.

Helps Restore Flexibility. The combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage help restore flexibility. It is a remedial massage with stretching and additional attention on joints, the spine, and general alignment of the body.

Reducing Knots Pain. This is achieved by the combination of Swedish with Deep Tissue Massage. The massage loosens uptight, knot muscles in anticipation of a deep tissue massage. The heat likewise improves circulation, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and facilitating pressure in the tied muscle. Sometimes, knots can be really painful; this strategy allows working with the temperate region, perpetuating less resistance and less pain.

Final Recommendations

A combination massage is exceptionally individualized. Customers must convey their needs to the advisors before the beginning of the session. During the massage, it's essential to talk to your therapist to ensure you are not stretched to the point of injury.

We highly recommend you visit, who provides combination massage as one of their services. They have several talented therapists who are proficient in combination massages.

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